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    30 Years of Digital Wave

    Join Digital Wave’s 30th-anniversary celebration: a journey of innovation and enduring client solutions in the digital era.

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    Tailoring Courses to be More Inclusive and Relatable

    A learner-centric course is a paradigm shift where we think of our learners as active participants versus passive ones.

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    Non-Violent UX

    Using Non-Violent Communication to resolve user experience conflicts and create non-violent UX to enrich everyone’s lives.

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If You Love Your Users, Set Them Free

Survey results show that diplomates come to their board website with the intention to accomplish a certain task.

ABMS 2016 – Optimizing Your Medical Board Website

This introduction to user-focused web planning and development offers tips for optimizing your medical board website. The materials include UX experts...

Parallel Parking Isn’t the Only Scary Thing About Young Adults

Thoughts on the Nielsen Norman Group’s article, “Young Adults/Millennials as Web Users (Ages 18–25)” by Kate Meyer

Should I Edit This Down or Do I Just Need a Bigger Hat?

How long does a sentence need to be? It depends how long you need it to be.


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