• Approach

    Creating Actionable Strategies & Solutions

    Our work is based on individual client goals, driven by innovative problem-solving, and centered around creating effective, engaging user experiences. Instead of selling a standard package, we assess each client’s needs to craft customized approaches rooted in proven principles and focused on maximizing opportunity.

Building Human Experiences from Complex Challenges

We specialize in simplifying the complex, and there’s no architecture or subject matter too daunting for us. We balance your institutional goals with the needs of your users to foster continuously engaging, successful experiences.

Prioritizing Critical Needs with Flexible Work Plans

Our team is ready to jump in wherever you need us most. We’ll work with you to identify your project goals, gaps, and opportunities so that we can provide the right services and support to meet your objectives on time or budget.

Optimizing Your Process, Not Just Your Product

We collaborate with you to define clear goals, roles, and responsibilities to help your team take ownership of your online presence. We provide the resources, training, and guidance you need to extend the shelf life of your site, protect your investment, and increase your efficiency.

Our job is often to ask the question “why” in order to get our clients to think about their goals in a new way. Ultimately, we work together to identify a strategy with an actionable plan and underlying principles that everyone agrees to carry forward into the project.

Derek Rose, Executive Vice President

ReTHINK Before You Redesign

No matter where you are in the process of improving your online presence, Digital Wave® can help you determine the best path forward to meet your organizational and user needs within your budget.


From strategic planning through launch, our comprehensive design and development services will give you a fresh new start.


We’ll help identify immediate improvements to your most critical areas when you’re limited on time or budget.


With continual improvement and ongoing expert guidance, you can make huge web redesign projects a thing of the past.

It was a monumental step for us to create a dot-com presence for offTheLeftEye, and I feel like we couldn’t have done it with a better team to support us and make our vision a reality. And the relationship isn’t over! I am comforted to know that our contacts at Digital Wave are there and willing to help us navigate new hurdles that come our way as our website continues to evolve and grow.

Chelsea Odhner, Writer and Production Coordinator, offTheLeftEye


Together we can determine the right approach to meet your budget, resources, and schedule.