Defense Information School

    Ongoing creation and evolution of eLearning resources for Department of Defense professionals

The Defense Information School (DINFOS) and Lewis-Price brought in Digital Wave® to support the launch of the new PAVILION platform, which expands the DINFOS mission to train and sustain professional communicators for the Department of Defense and its partners. Launched in 2020, PAVILION includes interactive eLearning resources such as document templates, exercises, how-to guides, checklists, and more. Unlike traditional courses or lessons, these resources bridge knowledge gaps and provide on-demand job support for users in the fleet and field to jump-start their necessary tasks. Digital Wave continues to support DINFOS through its ongoing evolution and expansion of its PAVILION offerings.

Our collaboration with the DINFOS team has resulted in:

  • Platform branding and logo design
  • Resource creation, management, sustainment, and evolution through an established content verification process
  • Content tools creation, including a style guide, resource templates, and interactive building/authoring
  • Collaboration with a wide variety of subject matter experts (SMEs) on content reviews and approvals
  • Content creator training and support
  • Continuous content lifecycle consultation, governance, development, user testing, and user interviews

Gold Winner – Education

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