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  • Consultation & Support

    Ongoing Expert Guidance

    We look beyond immediate problems to identify underlying causes that could be having unexpected consequences on your work. Combining your institutional expertise with our decades of experience, we create an online presence that serves your users, stakeholders, and team.


Who makes the final call about your website? How do you ensure quality throughout? Website evolution and management requires a strategy to address the challenges that will come up. Our nearly 30 years of experience working on websites helps us determine your needs and guide you through processes such as setting up a governance board, creating a style guide, and addressing any number of requests that could come your way.

Strategic Consultation

Sometimes the best solution to a problem isn’t the obvious one. Our consultants focus on the big picture user experience, backed up with research and expertise, to find the right solution instead of simply addressing the symptoms of a larger issue.<

Management & Evolution

You can’t predict the requests or events that will require altering your website, but you know there will be pressure to have the changes made yesterday. After just a few of these urgent updates, you’ll see the foundation of your site start to slip away. With a strong plan in place and our experienced consultants at hand, you can confidently address the countless daily web tasks you’re asked to tackle.

Digital Wave has been a key partner for us in maintaining and developing new features on our site. Their customer service, quick response times, and expertise are key factors in our continuing to work with them.

Thomas Wojciechowski, Executive Director of Web Communications, Daemen University

Testing, Training & Documentation

Finding yourself at the helm of a new CMS or neck-deep in complicated technical documents can be scary. It’s fundamental to our process that we prepare you to effectively manage your site. Our consultants prepare you and your team to handle the complexities of running an active website by providing written documentation, remote and on-site training sessions, and an assortment of additional resources to meet your needs.

Development Support

Whether expanding your website, implementing new ideas, or adapting to evolving technologies, we guide you from conceptualization to launch, all while ensuring your site’s vision and strategy remain clear.

We’re full cycle developers – we do everything from the back-end to the front-end. We can fulfill almost anything a client requires with the right background information and proper research.

Garth Bongers, Technical Director

Let’s Talk

Together we can determine the right approach to meet your budget, resources, and schedule.