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By: Lamar Goodenough

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The Gift of User Assurance

Giving users assurance that they actually completed a task keeps them happy and saves them the time and stress of verifying their success.

Non-Violent UX

Using Non-Violent Communication to resolve user experience conflicts and create non-violent UX to enrich everyone’s lives.

ABMS 2017 – “DIY” Usability Testing for Medical Board Websites

Medical Board websites are critical touch points where physicians go to learn about, obtain, and maintain their certifications. User research is...

“Put Me In, Coach!”

A successful web presence takes teamwork.

User Research: Learning from Our Web Users

User research and participation are critical to helping medical boards support doctors through the process of obtaining and managing their certifications....

UX Research Starter Kit

5 questions that will shape your UX research efforts

How Much Change Can Your Users Tolerate?

Get user feedback early and often to ease the pain of changing requirements on the web

The ROI of Time: Whose Is More Valuable, Yours or Your User’s?

How do we transform reams of complicated requirements from legacy print formats into strong and nimble web content?

We’re All Monkeys Sometimes: the UX of the Apology

UX giant thinks user-first even in the aftermath of a mistake to quickly restore trust and get back to business