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  • American Board of Internal Medicine

    15+ years of collaboration, new launches, and iterative improvements

We began working with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in 2006 to develop and implement a strategic approach to content reduction and improvement prior to the launch of a new site design. They later requested our help to refresh their public site by incorporating new content and integrative responsive technology. This resulted in a full redesign of their online presence. We continue to collaborate with them to streamline their various content areas and user functions throughout their initiatives, as well as helping to simplify the complex certification process for busy physicians. We’ve also worked to improve their ABIM Foundation web presence and subsites.

Our collaboration with ABIM to evolve their web presence has resulted in:

  • Responsive public site and physician portal redesigns
  • Ongoing user testing to inform iterative experience improvements
  • Content architecture assessment & adjustments
  • Consistent design & development for new initiatives
  • Branding & user experience consultation

The monthly user testing we conduct on our marketing and interactive work has given us a tremendous ROI. We have reduced costs on some of our work but, more importantly, we have learned a lot about our users’ needs, letting us give them the things they prefer and want instead of just what we think they need.

Alison Carey, Director of Marketing & Interactive

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