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Tailoring Courses to be More Inclusive and Relatable

A learner-centric course is a paradigm shift where we think of our learners as active participants versus passive ones.

Appreciating Project Management at the Digital PM Summit

Rooting for the Underdog In the world of web projects, content, design, and development often get all the glory. These efforts...

illustration of a diverse collection of early career physicians

Creating an Online Home for Early Career Physicians

How do you create an online home for early career physicians? Digital Wave partnered with ABIM to present at the annual ABMS conference.

person standing on top of a mountain looking out at a rocky landscape

Taking an Evolutionary Approach to Website Improvement

A major web redesign is like trying to move a mountain. There's a better way. Watch our NCMPR session to learn about different approaches.

A girl looking and pointing at herself in a mirror

Holding Up a Mirror to Our Old Writing Habits

How web writers’ natural tendencies work against their intended goals

ABMS 2017 – “DIY” Usability Testing for Medical Board Websites

Medical Board websites are critical touch points where physicians go to learn about, obtain, and maintain their certifications. User research is...

Going All-In on Prospective Students

Educational institution websites have precious few seconds to make an impression on their most important (and impatient) users — prospective students....

How Is COVID-19 Impacting College Enrollment Decisions?

We spoke to a focus group of college students about how COVID-19 impacted their college plans for the fall.

Guiding Students in a Pandemic – How Can COVID-19 Web Content Help?

“I can’t afford it anymore.”“It’s not worth it.”“I don’t know where I’ll end up.” Due to COVID-19, projecting student enrollment for...