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By: Digital Wave

Appreciating Project Management at the Digital PM Summit

Rooting for the Underdog In the world of web projects, content, design, and development often get all the glory. These efforts...

iPod with plugged in headphones resting on a table

Digital Wave’s Podcast Day 2021 Recommendations

For International Podcast Day, we wanted to share some of our favorite podcasts to get you thinking and laughing throughout the day.

Meet Abbie Yarger: Volunteer Wildland Firefighter

Digital Wave's® Abbie Yarger is a humble hero, working to make a difference in her community.

DINFOS PAVILION Resources Support Front-Line COMCAM Teams

In a world where news and information are more accessible than ever, Visual Information has become an increasingly important discipline. To...

40 Gallon Challenge Named Best Non-Profit Mobile Website in 2020 MobileWebAwards

The new Digital Wave office is looking nice with our 2020 MobileWebAward from the Web Marketing Association for best non-profit mobile...

Meet Monique Parrott: National Sales Executive

We’re thrilled to welcome Chicago-based Monique Parrott as our National Sales Executive. Monique has extensive experience in higher education sales, contagious...