We’re thrilled to welcome Chicago-based Monique Parrott as our National Sales Executive. Monique has extensive experience in higher education sales, contagious positivity, and just happens to be the sorority sister of Vice President Kamala Harris. She dished on all of these things and more in our recent interview:

What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned over your 20+ years in higher ed sales?
Every higher education client is unique in their strengths, but many of them have the same pain points. It’s so important to listen, to give them the space to describe what they want and need, and to help them find the right solution. Clients know they can trust me, and that trust is invaluable. 

What makes you most excited about working for Digital Wave?
The people! Digital Wave is as passionate as I am about bringing awesome services to the education community. 

You’re in the same sorority as Vice President Kamala Harris! Can you tell us more?
Being part of Alpha Kappa Alpha is about high achievement in service and sisterhood. We were the first black sorority founded on Howard University’s campus in 1908, and we are part of the Divine Nine. We sponsor many programs and philanthropic endeavors all around the world with a concentration on giving equal access to impoverished areas and working on civil rights legislation. 

My line sisters are still my best lifelong friends. We pledged in undergrad, but your real work starts when you join a graduate chapter. Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, and of course Kamala Harris are AKAs to name a few. Honorary membership is the highest honor, and honorary members include Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Hillary Clinton.

I look forward to chatting with my sorority sisters across the country as part of my efforts to bring Digital Wave’s services to the HBCU landscape. 

What’s your favorite local pizza place and why?
Flo & Santos in the South Loop. There’s only one Flo’s, and they have a Polish kielbasa pizza that is soooo good.