This International Firefighters’ Day, meet Digital Wave’s® Abbie Yarger, a volunteer wildland firefighter with the Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department in Westcreek, Colorado. In 2020, they responded to 130 calls, including several wildland fires, structure fires, abandoned campfires, and smoke reports, as well as numerous medical calls and motor vehicle accidents. One of the top three responders for the most calls, Abbie just celebrated her one-year anniversary with the department and is hoping to attend fire academy to add structural firefighting to her repertoire.

MCVFD covers both Teller and Douglas counties, three separate forest service districts, and another 100 square miles of “no man’s land.” In this area, there are no fire hydrants available, so getting water is a challenge. They rely on water tenders and surrounding districts and departments for mutual aid.

“I do feel that “hero” is an appropriate title, though I feel weird calling myself that.”

-Abbie Yarger, Digital Wave® Content Strategist

Firefighters are everyday people who bravely run towards danger when others run away. Daily they sacrifice their time and personal safety to save others. She may feel uncomfortable being called a hero, but in our eyes, Abbie has definitely earned the title.