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Current Lab

Sparking innovation from the imagination to the marketplace

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We make your big ideas a reality

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Developing awesome products that drive our clients’ evolution is exciting. Whether it’s reimagining the way education is delivered, a low-cost, flexible web solution for higher ed, or increasing conversion rates with an online, lead-generation solution, we love identifying disruptive technologies and figuring out how they can take our clients past what’s new and get them to what’s next.

Our CurrentLab’s development and creative team works with the following groups to nurture innovative projects from concept to market delivery:

  • Companies that want to outsource skunkworks projects
  • Entrepreneurs looking for investors
  • Lean Startup ventures

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Higher ed websites, ready to go

Lectronimo website for Economics department on desktop, laptop, and smart phone
Person using Lectronimo Studio editor on a laptop

The CurrentLab team has built a low-cost, flexible website solution that’s “ready to go” for higher ed clients. We call this solution Lectronimo®. Lectronimo® streamlines development and reduces cost for higher ed clients, yet still allows for customizations to meet your unique business needs and reflect your brand. Lectronimo® delivers a completely responsive, feature rich site that’s affordable for institutions of all sizes.

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A personalized digital viewbook platform that is transforming higher ed admissions 

Redeemer's CustomViewbook on a tablet
University of Kentucky's CustomViewbook on 4 smartphones
Rutgers' CustomViewbook on laptop
Elliott School of International Affairs CustomViewbook on smartphone, laptop, & tablet

The CurrentLab team developed CustomViewbook, a digital viewbook platform that captures and converts highly-qualified leads for colleges and universities. Prospective students create their own personalized viewbooks that are instantly available on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Client data shows that students who create a CustomViewbook are 4.5X more likely to apply and become enrolled.

Success stories

We have successfully brought the following products to market.


A maintenance scheduling application that is used on every ship and shore station in the U.S. Navy.


Commercial maintenance management software that is used by the U.S. Coast Guard and on ships around the world.

Gusto application screenshots

Search Party

An interactive alumni directory for high schools, colleges and universities that has been in production since 1999, with 1,000,000 users.

Search Party application screenshots