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Interactive Curriculum Built on Drupal

A reimagined education platform

Thomas Jefferson University


Thomas Jefferson University launched a new program that gives each newly enrolled student an iPad. They wanted to develop TJU branded content, so they asked us to head up an iBook pilot to meet that goal. We delivered an iBook for their interprofessional education program, but during development the limitations of the iBook to deliver content became apparent. It was basically static content, would be expensive to update, and it didn’t facilitate any interaction or sharing of learning content across all colleges and schools at the university.

We saw an opportunity to transform the way learning content was designed by faculty and experienced by students.


Digital Wave developed the Interactive Curricula Experience (iCE), a Drupal-based web platform and native iPad app that helped TJU reimagine how to deliver education. iCE delivers interactive learning content directly to students’ iPads.

Faculty can create, edit and share learning content and build interactive curriculum through a simple user-interface. They assemble the content into topics and modules and it’s instantly delivered to students via the iPad app. iCE gives students everything they need to know about a topic in one place, contextualizes the information and creates a more effective learning experience. iCE supports single sign on and syncs with Banner so students only see content that’s relevant to their classes.

Digital Wave and Thomas Jefferson University are partnering to roll this disruptive curriculum design platform out to other higher ed institutions this year which creates potential for a new revenue stream for the university.

iCE application in iPad
iCE application in iPad

“I don’t believe I can adequately express the awesomeness of what I am seeing develop before my very eyes today. What you have delivered has exceeded all my expectations so far. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Dr. Elizabeth Spudich, Professor at Thomas Jefferson University